HONEYBUS The Singles 1967-1970

HONEYBUS The Singles 1967-1970

Side A
1.- Delighted To See You (Dello)
2.- The Breaking-Up Scene (Cane/Dello)
3.- Do I Figure In Your Life (Dello)
4.- Throw My Love Away (Cane)
5.- I Can't Let Maggie Go (Dello)
6.- Tender Are The Ashes (Dello)

Side B
7.- Girl Of Independent Means (Cane)
8.- How Long (single version) (Hare/Kircher/Cane)
9.- She Sold Blackpool Rock (Cane)
10.- Would You Believe (Hare)
11.- Story (Cane)
12.- The Right To Choose (Cane)
13.- Delighted To See You (Dello) DEMO