VELVET UNDERGROUND - Loaded (Alternate Album)


A1 - Who Loves The Sun (Alternate Mix)
A2 - Sweet Jane (Early Version)
A3 - Rock & Roll (Demo)
A4 - Cool It Down (Early Version)
A5 - New Age (Full-Length Version)

B1 - Head Held High (Early Version)
B2 - Lonesome Cowboy Bill (Early Version)
B3 - I Found A Reason (Demo)
B4 - Train Round The Band (Alternate Mix)
B5 - Oh! Sweet Nothin' (Early Version)
B6 - I´m Sticking With You (Outtake)

Album sessions Recorded at Atlantic Studios, Spring/Summer 1970 (NYC, USA)
Demo Tracks Recorded at Atlantic Studios, April 15-16, 1970 (NYC, USA)