Various - SABOO! & ZOOBA!

Various - SABOO! & ZOOBA!

16 Early 60's Instrumental Shakers

SABOO! ... 15€
A1 Joe Quijano - Saboo!
A2 Comparsa Universitaria de la Laguna - Zoologico Negro
A3 Quincy Jones' Orch. - Slob't
A4 H.B. Barnum - Tia Juana
A5 Chip And Dave - 7th Round
A6 The Shado's - Bread n' Butter
A7 The Kingsmen - Monkey Walk Pt.1
A8 Fabulous (Dick Hyman Orchestra) - What I'd Say
B1 The Sugar Canes - Sioux Rock
B2 Jimmy Fox - Turnip Greens
B3 Hank Moore - Big Daddy
B4 Jules Blattner - 500 Pound Canary
B5 The Camelots - Scratch
B6 Patty Lace And The Petticoats - The Back
B7 Tony (Robot) Alamo - Mr. Machine
B8 Rhythm Rebels - Littlest Hobo

ZOOBA! ... 15€
A1 The Big Sound Of Don Ralke –Zooba!
A2 Tonni Kalash – The Boss
A3 Hugo Montenegro And His Orchestra – Hot Crawfish
A4 The Emblem's – The Trust
A5 Jeff Gordon & The Summits – Freeway
A6 The Gigolo's – Movin' Out
A7 The Mysterions – Down Hill
A8 Tremolos – The Weird One
B1 Charlie Russo & His Orchestra – Goofin
B2 Henry Clement & The Trojans – Trojan's Walla
B3 Les Formidables – Unchained My Heart
B4 The Keymen – Gazackstahagen
B5 Lafayette & The Lasabres – Freeway
B6 The Jones Boys – Honky
B7 The Spinners – Boomerang
B8 L. Hollis & Mack-A-Do's –Bui Bui