Various - LOST ALTERNATIVES (Steve Lamacq) 2LP

Various - LOST ALTERNATIVES (Steve Lamacq) 2LP

Double coloured (white) vinyl 180 grs
27 tracks curated by BBC6 Music DJ.
Gatefold sleeve.

A1. Ride -Chelsea Girl
A2. The Charlatans -Indian Rope
A3. Northside-Shall We Take a Trip?
A4. Senseless Things -is It Too Late?
A5. Silverfish -Big Bad Baby Pig Squeal
A6. Slowdive-Catch the Breeze
B1. Voodoo Queens -Supermodel Superficial
B2. Cornershop-Waterlogged
B3. S*M*A*S*H -Real Surreal
B4. These Animal Men -Speeedking
B5. Blessed Ethel -Rat
B6. Elastica-Stutter
B7. China Drum -Wuthering Heights
C1. Ash -Uncle Pat
C2. 60ft Dolls -Happy Shopper
C3. Tiger -Race
C4. Perfume -Lover
C5. Rialto -Monday Morning
C6. Mansun-Take It Easy Chicken
C7. Scarfo-Alkaline
D1. Bis -School Disco
D2. Arab Strap -the First Big Weekend
D3. Mogwai-New Paths To Helicon Part 1
D4. Clinic -I.P.C. Subeditors Dictate Our Youth
D5. Cable -Freeze the Atlantic
D6. Colours Red -This is My Hollywood
D7. The Hitchers -Strachan