MARC BOLAN & T.REX - Shadowhead

MARC BOLAN & T.REX - Shadowhead

Purple vinyl
A collection of session takes working and master versions and mixes

A1 . Midnight (Master Version)
A2 . Rapids (Working Version)
A3 . Hang-Ups (Master Version)
A4 . Do You Wanna Dance (Master Version)
A5 . Baby Boomerang (Master Version)
A6 . Truck On (Tyke) (Master Version)
A7 . Blues Jam (Dreamy Lady Session) (Jam)
A8 . London Boys (Master Version)
B1 . Lady (Master Version)
B2 . Buick Mackane (Master Version)
B3 . Stand By Me (Working Version)
B4 . Precious Star (Working Version)
B5 . Fast Blues (Easy Action) (Master Version)
B6 . Dreamy Lady (Master Version)
B7 . All My Love (Working Master)