• Image of PETE DELLO & Friends - Into Your Ears - LP

Reissue Got Kinda Lost / Guerssen (2016)

Originally issued in 1971 by Nepentha Records – presided over by Kinks/Troggs manager Larry Page – Into Your Ears is the sole full–length offering from HONEYBUS founder member Pete Dello (assisted by a coterie of close friends).The album is a wonderful, timeless work of incisive, plaintive folk–pop balladry and buoyant, idiosyncratic creations, led along by Dello’s honeyed voice (which eases effortlessly into falsetto) and expertly executed arrangements featuring minor orchestrations.

1. It’s What You’ve Got
2. There Is Nothing I Can Do For You
3. I’m A Gambler
4. Harry The Earwig
5. Do I Still Figure In Your Life
6. Uptight Basil

1. Taking The Heart Out Of Love
2. On A Time Said Sylvie
3. A Good Song
4. It’s The Way
5. Go Away
6. Arise Sir Henry